Samuel Marshall

Samuel Marshall

User experience & digital designer.

What's it all about?

User experience is my first love, and I endeavour to create exciting websites that are easy to use and proven to increase conversion.

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Broad skills

User Experience

I’ve worked with a number of large brands improving their user and customer experience across their digital platforms, from websites to ordering kiosks.

Visual Design

I’ve been fortunate to design for large brands, from constrictive web assets to fully responsive e-commerce websites.

Front End Build

Building in HTML and CSS, I understand the limitations and opportunities the web has to offer, and I am able to code up my designs to deliver my ideas too.

Problem Solving

By taking a “simple brain” approach, I can look beyond the brand to really understand if something makes sense to a user, whilst working with the brand on their requirements too.

Usability best practice

Website design

Front end website build

Card sorting

Information architecture

App design

HTML & CSS proficient

‘Simple mind’ approach

Multivariate and A/B testing

Email design

Email build

User & business focus solutions

User interface patterns

Device considerate approach


Unbiased outlook

Local & international testing

Interface design

Responsive website build

Content hierarchy

Paper & digital prototyping

Asset generation

Idea generation

Software and web app proficiency


Visual Studio


Campaign Monitor








MS Office


Survey Monkey





Initial Research

I always get to know users before starting any design work. Competitor analysis, heuristics evaluations and user personae help me to establish a good knowledge base to work from.

Concept Design

Paper prototyping, hallway testing and using a variety of UX and IA techniques like tree testing and card sorting help me create the right user journeys.

Visual Production

Creating an engaging experience starts with digital prototyping to help me understand how the site or application would function technically, before sending out for moderated or unmoderated user testing. I would then apply the visual layer afterwards.


Confident that the testing results have helped me shape a strong digital solution, it’s then time to code up the designs ready for further testing.

Final Testing

On completing the build, final testing is done on real world users to confirm the built solution functions as expected. There should be no surprises here. The final version is then amended and set live, ready to assess incoming analytics in a real world environment.


Large UX projects

Pizza Hut

Working with the global teams at Pizza Hut, I’ve played a major ongoing role in designing, testing and developing new responsive, e-commerce websites for their global markets.


Through user experience testing, I worked with KFC’s global teams to create a responsive e-commerce solution for their international markets.


Tasked with developing McDonald’s in store digital e-commerce kiosks, I provided solutions to reduce friction and increase basket spend.

Post Office

Consolidating Post Office’s array of internal websites in to one comprehensive site required clever UX thinking and a simple mind approach to develop the new site.


As part of the Sweet Sundays on pack promotion, I was asked to design a site for Mars where consumers could collect codes to redeem free cinema tickets.


Lead role in ensuring all UX work for new pages on are in line with brand guidelines and user experience best practice.

Design and front end build


Building brand pages to sit on the website, I have also been developing and scheduling consumer emails for multiple brands.


I design and build emails, web ad’s, assets and helped develop their business site from a UX perspective.

Virgin Media

Providing ongoing support for styling their internal websites and designing and building emails for delivery to store staff.


I have been designing and building direct to customer emails.


To help horse owners diagnose their horse, I developed a web diagnosis tool for the the spillers website.


I designed and built their marketing website, for standard and promotional periods.

Mars Bar

For Mars Bar, I was asked to design a widget to sit within their current site to enable users to choose a football of their first, second and third choices.


As part of their Christmas campaign, I was given the task to help design the Christmas assets to sit on their e-commerce website.

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